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Free spins bonuses are the favourite online casino bonus of many a player. They provide you with a chance to spin a specified number of rounds on a game for free. They’re often a great way to try out a new game, get a feel for a casino you’ve never frequented before, or idly wile away a lunch break without risking your own cash. No wonder their popularity endures! But this most simple of casino bonuses also contains some nuances that you’d do well to understand if you want to pick the best free spins deal for you.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses

Let’s start with an important distinction. No deposit free spins are widely coveted by players because they’re ultimately a reward for number. As the name suggests, casinos don’t insist that a player makes a deposit before they award this type of bonus. Typically, no deposit free spins are included in a welcome package to tempt players to register. Sign up for the site, and you get a little sweetener before you even hand over your bank details. However, they are given to regular players as well, often as random rewards for loyalty.

By their very definition, no deposit free spins differ from deposit free spins. The latter require activity on behalf of the player. You will need to credit your casino account – usually by a designated ‘minimum deposit amount’ – before you can collect your free spins. However, you tend to receive more free spins as part of a deposit bonus. For example, you might pocket 20 no deposit free spins when you first register at an online casino but then a further 200 free spins when you make your first deposit. It’s important to understand the difference between these opposing types of free spins.

Value of Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins allow you to play for real money without risking your own cash. That’s a great privilege, but it inevitably comes with certain caveats. Online casinos typically want to reduce their exposure to potential losses from players using their free rounds. They have a few methods at their disposal to help them do just that. One the most frequently used is a maximum stake cap. Indeed, most free spins offers are pegged at the lowest stake level.

The online casinos will often choose the game carefully too. They will favour games that support lower minimum stake levels over those that offer higher ones. If you’re wondering why so many free spins bonuses are attached to NetEnt’s Starburst, then you now have the explanation. That said, in the competitive gaming world of 2017, numerous casinos are starting to offer higher value free spins. It’s a great way of attracting players. Although these deals might offer less free spins overall, your chances of winning significant sums improve dramatically.

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins Bonuses

Wagering requirements are a favourite topic of this blog. Rightly so, too. They’re a right bugger, and you need to establish a fundamental understanding of how they operate before you can truly measure the value of any given free spins package, and especially your chances of winning. Wagering requirements are insurance policies that casinos take out against their bonuses. They insist that a player bets through a bonus (and sometimes deposit) a specified number of times before he can access any winnings generated from it.

The requirements are always expressed as a multiple, like x30. If a free spins bonus has x30 wagering requirements, then a player will need to bet through winnings 30 times over before withdrawing any winnings that remain. In other words, if you have 100 free spins and win £10 from them, you will need to make £300 worth of bets before you can withdraw any winnings that remain. Most people will lose the winnings while fulfilling the requirements, even though it’s absolutely possible to win.

Free Spins Without Wagering Requirements

Happily, trends are changing. More and more mobile online casinos have introduced the concept of free spins without wagering requirements over the last few years. This means players can pocket any winnings generated from free spins immediately. That’s significantly more attractive than the alternative. The free spins offer might still be pegged at the lowest stake level – and the casino might even impose a maximum win ceiling – but at least you don’t have to jump through hoops before withdrawing your earnings.

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