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Bally Entertainment, a builder of the best known American slots and pinball machines, has developed the first electromechanical slot machines, increasing the amount for automatic payouts. This new invention has contributed a lot to the growth of the popularity of slots, but the real breakthrough has come in the 1970s when the first real video slot machine has been built. This has been later developed even further – a second screen was added. Since then the popularity of this type of pub slot machines has increased even more.

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It was a noisy mechanical machine with one arm, three reels and each one had a series of symbols painted on them – horseshoes, spades, diamonds, hearts and the Liberty Bell. This gambling genius – his name was Charles Fay – has designed an automatic payout system capable of handling the winnings of the players without any assistance, and a mechanism that could detect if the player was trying to cheat by using a button instead of a nickel.

The first slot machine ever built was just like any ‘first of its kind’ invention – it had a lot of room for improvement. It was an ingenious little invention, though, with innovations that had the potential to revolutionise an industry. It had three reels with five symbols each, with a total of 125 possible combinations. It had an automatic coin identification device attached to it to prevent fraud, and an automatic payout system for all possible combinations.

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The slot machine – called the Liberty Bell after the symbol printed on the reels – has become increasingly popular in most of the American states. Not all of them were permissive enough to let the people bet money on these machines, though – some of them were transformed in elaborate vending machines with prizes in candy and chewing gum, and with fruit flavours painted on their reels. These were the ancestors of what has later become the ‘fruit machine.

Later the slot machines have become electromechanical, video, and finally online, and with this evolution came the increasing number of reels and paylines. If the first slot machine – the Liberty Bell, developed by Charles Fay in the 19th century – had only three reels and one single payline, modern slot machines have much more. The number of winning combinations that can be achieved with a slot machine limits the number of the paylines of the machine. The most paylines that can be applied to a three-reel slot machine is five, wheres in case of five reels the number of paylines can reach even 25. With the increase in the number of reels paylines can be even more. Usually, multi-payline slot machines have anywhere between 3 and 25 paylines. The highest number of paylines I have ever heard of in case of a video slot machine is 243.

Online Slot Machines

Another big step in the slot machine evolution occurred in 1994, with the launch of the first downloadable online casino software suite in 1994. Since then the number of available slot machines – as well as the amounts of progressive jackpots – have grown exponentially. Nowadays there are developers and online casinos focusing especially on online slots with a huge variety of themes and side games that make the gambling experience more thrilling and exciting.

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the land, and there was no such thing as the internet, an ingenious American car mechanic invented the gambling machine that has revolutionised the gambling industry.

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Perhaps another step in the evolution of slot machines is happening as we speak. Rival Gaming, an online casino software developer has introduced a new breed of online video slot machines called i-Slots, that include several elements from video games and other forms of entertainment into their games. These i-Slots offer a new, more immersive and captivating gameplay – basically slot machines with a storyline, that unravels as the player keeps playing. These slots feature a great number of side games and puzzles, along with animations that tell a stor not to mention awesome offers like 50 free spins

Slot machines have evolved a lot since the first fully mechanical ‘one-arm bandits’ were built, but they didn’t lose their popularity ever since. There is no online casino – and no offline establishment either – not to feature at least some slot machines, but these can be found in pubs, shops and other establishments for the delight of their customers.

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